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Any Device. Anywhere.

Access your hall passes from anywhere. ClassRelay lives on the cloud, so you don't have to download or update a thing! We have you covered with the latest version of the product — hassle-free!

Manage Your Whole Classroom

Add up to two classes and 50 students at no cost, period. No need to keep using wooden blocks, or bits of paper — switch over to start saving, and enjoy the convenience of hall passes on any device!

Archive Everything. Easily.

Make sense of hall passes and cuts by storing them for your review. With all of this new data on hand, your school can adjust in order to promote the best possible learning environment for your students!

Create, Manage, and Edit

Easily create, manage, and edit hall passes to the restroom, the nurse, a water fountain, students' lockers, out for a quick snack, or any other location in just a few seconds with ClassRelay.

Automatically Create Cuts

Adjust the allowed time per destination, and if a student is gone longer than usual, ClassRelay will automatically let you choose if you'd like to record the occurrence as a cut, or excuse the student.

Notifications for Everyone

Update all the appropriate parties your way! ClassRelay lets you choose who to automatically update via email when new hall passes and cuts are created with no need to leave the app!
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